Sunday, October 22, 2017

4 signs of a good application programmer

Application programming is one of the most interesting and vital branches of computing. Since it is the one that allows the creation and update of software of various types and scopes of use. It is also a complex process that requires time and resources, and human development teams in some cases; however this is not limiting for such process, since the most important asset for that creative process is in the hands of a person or group of them, who is the programmer as such.

Without programmers there would be not possible the development of desktop applications, web pages, mobile apps, information system, or other software solutions, among others. Still, and despite the advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, there are no machines that can perform this human creative process.
But there is a series of characteristics or signs that like in other fields of the human activity they emphasize to a good programmer of the rest; will be exposed at least five more highlights in this review.

1.  He is efficient in code usage:

An appropriate use of the programming code results in fewer computer cycles, which make rational and effective use of hardware resources, and allows for better re time. This is something that every computer programmer should keep in mind.

2. Keep up-to-date on market trends:

If there is something that conspires against any technological resource either human or synthetic, it’s programmed obsolescence. And just like the machines, if a programmer is not updated runs the risk of becoming what many call a computer dinosaur - saving the cases, for example, of specific application fields with programming languages such as COBOL or RPG that still used in banking platform and are increasingly scarce the people who nowadays handle these codes. It’s necessary to have to be documenting about the trends most used at the commercial level since that is where the bulk of the computer activity is, so the programmer can enter the competition evenly.

3. He has the good habit of coding documentation:

A custom that many programmers do not have today is to internally document the code of their applications, and this is understandable for reasons such as not favoring their internal or external competition or to not stop being the essential in the company or institution where they work or the one that provides services as a consultant or freelancer. But time passes, and things change, and that programmer may no longer continue with that project for any reason, and need to resolve on the fly or improve another product based on the developed, and have no idea what that makes the code. For this reason, it must be an almost obligatory requirement that any code that is produced must be documented in a superficial way so as to have an idea of what each piece of application does and not waste valuable time verifying line by program line.

4. Innovate and improve on what has already been built:

A programmer has the greatest achievement when his application is completely finished and performs efficiently the functions entrusted for which it was designed. And there are many who get there, and save a few better or patches, the program does not go beyond that point, it offers no more. In this ecosystem of constant evolution, there is an adage that takes strength: adapt or die. A programmer who values his work is innovating and improving what has already been built towards other slopes; for example, if a desktop application, also could have a module on the Web or adapt to the cloud, for instance, by an app that can be downloaded and run on a smartphone or Apple device.

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