Saturday, October 28, 2017

How to stay motivated as a software developer: 5 Useful Tips

If there is something important in any activity we play, it is being motivated enough and enjoying what is done. And if it is paid, much better. The programming of computer applications does not escape this reality. The impulse of the technology itself is a motivating factor to improve every day and be at the forefront of the latest advances.

But there are moments in the life of any programmer where demotivation and self-deceived prey on anyone and makes things happen routinely or monotonously. Either the proper priority is not given to projects that are worthwhile, or projects of lower quality or value are taken. In short, there are many factors that conspire against a programmer, and are against those who have to fight not to fall into those vicious circles where sometimes it is difficult to leave.

However, this is no excuse for not motivating and getting ahead; there are always solutions for all problems and unless excuse of physical or mental impediment or both, you can maintain the motivation in many ways by applying certain tips that can help us in the achievement of our work.

• Keep up with the latest trends: Our profession of application programmers requires that we have to keep up with new technologies and development platforms, because we run the risk of becoming obsolete or become computer dinosaurs. It has to be updated through documentation on the Internet, or courses or inductions face-to-face or online; this last modality is very fashionable today.

• Choose projects according to their capacities and time: There are proposals that, however tempting or lucrative they may seem, are time and energy traps; which unbalances us in other areas of our lives creating problems that sometimes difficult to solve. Not to mention that many times because of wanting to cover a lot is covered little, by virtue of the knowledge or expertise that is had on a specific development platform. The best thing is to filter, if possible, the work proposals to choose those that are the most in line with our profile and capabilities.

• Remember that there is nothing wrong with leaning on others: Many times you want to perform tasks relying exclusively on our capabilities; and it is clear, that is not bad, but we have to take into account that as human beings we have weaknesses and weaknesses that it is often difficult to accept, and that is why often come cases where the difficulty of the project surpasses us and it is when we have to press the help panic button. And what better support than other people or colleagues who know the subject and who can advise us and help clear doubts, or difficult cases that require a better analysis and clear.

Know how to delegate: This aspect is very important especially when leading development teams or managerial functions where oversight projects that require division of labor for a better implementation of the software, or the solution app or Web developed. Many people drown in work and become frustrated or demotivated precisely because they do not know how to delegate to others, or not know how to communicate to their teams how they are going to perform the tasks, and end up doing the work of several when it should not be. It is necessary to delegate tasks based on the capacities of others and how they balance the loads by covering with their strengths the weaknesses of others.

• Have a positive attitude: It will certainly help any challenge to be more bearable. Be optimistic, trust your abilities and successes that will serve to cover those weaknesses or weaknesses that we as humans have, have faith in what you do and do not thinking about you but about others.

These are some recommendations that we can give you as an application developer, whether you start in this activity or already have enough time and experience in the field. Adequate motivation helps us to better understand the problems we face, as well as making the work environment lighter and helping tasks to flow normally. We do not say that problems will not exist; in fact, life would also be smooth, but knowing how to carry them intelligently will become part of the accumulated experience.

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