Sunday, March 25, 2018

What is Crossover

What is crossover?

You may have heard of various recruiting and job search platforms but have you heard of Crossover? If you have yet to hear of this company, you may just be on the miss of something that is revolutionary! Why exactly, ‘revolutionary’ one may question. Firstly, Crossover is a global effort to transform the modern workplace. The company believes that talent should transcend geographical boundaries, allowing for the best of the best to be able to work from wherever they may be.
Crossover finds that this strategy and belief of the company is especially relevant and effective with the rise in the use of data storage and sharing via the cloud. Previously, companies who are looking to hire talents from another country have to quite literally move operations to that country just to gain access to this specific individual or a group who may possess the required skills and talents that it seeks. However, a key benefit of the cloud is the ability to tap on high-skilled labor while staying put geographically. Hence, the company looks to provide long-term and reliable well-paying job opportunities to elite job seekers across multiple countries and even continents while also ensuring that its clients are able to hire only the best person for the job. Hiring from over 98 different countries for companies is no longer a problem with Crossover helping in the recruitment process. Similarly, what better opportunities can jobseekers get with such vast networking prowess of Crossover. All you have to be is the best at what you do and trust that Crossover is able to help you get where you need to be! Moving continents just for a job is quickly becoming a thing of the past and Crossover is here to make things easier for everyone.

How does it work?

On the end of serious job seekers, Crossover offers only job openings that are first and foremost, long-term. 40+ hour/week and high paying positions are the only kinds of dealings that Crossover makes such that both the job seeker and its clients are able to get the best job and best employee respectively. The only catch here would be the rigorous application process that potential job seekers have to undergo. Rounds and rounds of vetting to ensure that you have credible qualifications and are suited to the clients’ needs, all to make the best match possible. The benefits? Tons. By going through such a finely-detailed application process, the chances of being hired to multiply quite literally by manifolds. Importantly, after passing through this tedious evaluation process, there is almost a full guarantee of getting hired! This definitely speaks a great deal of the kind of services and quality that Crossover provides and guarantees to both the job seeker and client.

Likewise, Crossover helps in both recruitment and management of the best teams that clients would require. By the end of rounds and rounds of vetting and selections, only the top talents are identified. Statistically speaking, the output of hiring only the top talents that are selected by Crossover is seen via a guaranteed 50% improvement at a stunning halved cost in just over a span of the first 3 months post-hiring. Hence, the cost-benefit for client companies are very much present. On the end of Crossover, the company does not use the traditional method of recruitment that heavily relies on just resumes and interviews. Although such recruitment styles are widely used, are in actual fact found to be only 14% effective in finding the right talent for the right job. Instead, Crossover has worked towards developing higher-end and customized tests for each job vacancy which allows for only the top 1% to be selected by the end of the tests.


The head of the pack is always a clear representation of the strength and abilities of the rest of the pack. Likewise, over at Crossover, the team is headed by Andy Tryba, the CEO who has not only spent 15 years as the CEO of various successful and profitable start-up companies but has also held a highly-sought after position with Intel Corporation as its Director of Strategy. Andy also works closely with the White House of the United States of America as an advisor on the future of jobs and talent in engineering. The brains of Crossover gained his education background from a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Illinois and a Master of Business Administration from Rice University. Talk about the best of the best working to match the best with great companies! Additionally, a big reason why reliability is the prized asset characteristic of Crossover is that of the kind of practices and methods it has adopted to ensure that the collaboration is not only successful but most importantly, productive.

How to be successful

Success can easily be reaped by both the hard worker and the smart worker. At Crossover, there is a widespread need and believe that one should be willing to reinvest in their skills and career. By reinvesting in your skills and career by means of constant and consistent upgrading of talents and skills, you are only making yourself better suited to the job or career of choice. After a significant amount of time and effort that is invested into this process, you will also be able to part of the top talents in your chosen field which in return brings about this success that you crave for. Crossover contributes to this growth process by paying for online skills training such that you as an individual who wants to be successful is able to progress on your talents and also be able to advance on the career path. Again, the company believes that by means of career and skills progression, a greater global impact is possible especially in terms of improving the standards of living across the globe.

More than just a connection

Above it all, Crossover has one main mission apart from merely setting up connections between job seekers and its clients. Changing the global society in a positive and impactful manner is what drives the company. How exactly is this done? Well, Crossover believes that high-paying jobs are able to transform society by raising the general standard of living of families, allows for retirement savings, paying bills, and also increasing the rate at which money moves around and is exchanged in countries. In a nutshell, money is important and essentially, by making the connections for higher paying jobs, lives, communities and even economies can be transformed. On the whole, this change can cross geographical boundaries and eventually, a global change is sparked.

Interestingly, a unique feature of Crossover also makes it more than just a recruitment agency. With WorkSmart, the company invested in and created a credible data tool in order to provide working professionals and teams with ideas and suggestions on how it will be possible to positively progress in various aspects. Revolutionary science coupled with great detailed recruiting styles is definitely a characteristic of Crossover, making it much more than just a connection. At Crossover, both the individual job seeker and the client are happy customers while the company itself also prides its efforts on making steps closer to its goal of improving global living standards.

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