About Me

md moniruzzaman

Hi! This is Md Moniruzzaman. Yes, it’s a bit complex name to call. My colleagues use “Monir” and my family call “Limon”, this is my nickname. I am a software engineer by profession having around 10 years of experience. I like to play with Java related stuffs, especially  J2EE.

Programming is my passion, profession and also hobby. Back in 2001, I wrote my very first line of code in C. Since then, I can't give up this challenge.

I like competitive programming. In my university life, I spent most of the time with programming contest, algorithm and data structure. In this blog, you will find many logical programming rather than professional stuffs.

The purpose of this blog is entirely personal. If someone benefits from this site, this will be truly worthwhile.

If you have any question or comment, please write me at limon2009 [at] gmail.com